MBC Services

I write, record and mix.
For myself, but also for others!
My services and tariffs are as follows:

writing € 50per song
recording (ShoeBox) € 75per day
recording (DrumBox)  € 50per song
recording (BigBox) € 100 per day
mixing € 75per song

All tariffs are per song or per day, unless otherwise indicated.
A song is music in a typical band setting (vocals, bass, drums, guitars, keyboards) of at most six minutes. (‘Born to be Wild’ by Steppenwolf is a song. ‘Close to the Edge’ by Yes is not a song…)
A day is eight hours. (In my experience, it is possible to record 2 to 3 songs per day.)

WRITING is me helping you make a finished song, based on your textual and/or musical input.
Process : we have a brainstorm –by phone or in person–, I produce a coarse demo, you provide your feedback, I produce a final demo.
: are finished lyrics, and my performance of the song.

RECORDING (ShoeBox) is you recording your performance at my humble ShoeBox Recording Facility.
Process : We record your vocals, guitars and/or keyboards. We set up drums and possibly other  instruments through virtual instruments. I perform some BASIC edits on the recorded tracks, if need be.
Results : are ready-to-mix tracks, and a fader-only mix of your performance.

is recording real drums for your song. Virtual drums have come a long way, but the real thing is the real thing…
Process : We go to my buddy Senne’s drumstudio LL11 and record the drumpart on his fully miked and ready-to-play drumset .

For this tariff, Senne will play the part. If you want to play the drumpart yourself, I will have to quote a time-based price for you.

 Results : are ready-to-mix tracks of your drum part.

RECORDING (BigBox). This is if you want to capture the feel of a full band recording. The SBRF is too small for this, but I have all the equipment to set this up for you at a remote location.

MIXING is me taking ready-to-mix tracks and producing a decent mix of your performance.
: I use these tracks, and some reference tracks of your choosing, to make a complete mix. I will send you this mix, you provide your comments, I incorporate these comments to produce the final mix.
Results : are a ‘dry’ mix and a ‘coarsely mastered’ mix –with some limiting and EQ applied.
(Most people say that someone other than the mixer should do the final mastering. I can refer you to a mastering engineer if you want me to.)